Brain Voyage: tricky riddles

Brain Voyage is unique travel brain teasers game that 100% will freaks you out! You will travel the world and solve logic riddles and tricky puzzle games. Join Brain Voyage, pack your bags, let’s go!

Here you can find tones of addictive super brain teasers, logic riddles and tricky puzzle games. USA, United Kingdom, France, Russia, India, China, Australia – what do you know about these countries? Let’s check! This is IQ challenge!


– More than 100 unique levels with mind-blowing brain teasers!

– Unexpected game answers and tricky riddles.

– “Thinking outside the box” gameplay – challenge & improve your mind!

– For all ages – addictive thinking game for all family.

– Great time filler – train your brain everyday and everywhere.

Brain Voyage is suitable for all ages, but do not let yourself be fooled! Can you solve all our brain teasers? Think outside the box, don’t let them stump you, go beyond the usual framework and everything will work out!