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What do we offer?

Expertise and professionalism

At every stage of the publishing process, you will be accompanied by a professional team: personal manager, game designer, producer, as well as experts in user acquisition, advertising monetization and mobile game analytics.

Lack of fixed KPIs

All the metrics of the project are important to us, we look at the general picture of the test results. If the game has a prospect of becoming successful, we will come up with a plan according to which we will improve the missing metrics.

Support and investment

We are ready to provide not only professional support to partner teams, but also invest in the development of interesting projects.

Analytics of all collaboration

After each stage of testing, we provide personal reports in which you can evaluate the results of our joint work.

How to create a hit with us?
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Games are created and successfully launched at WannaPlay. We are ready to help you to achieve success too. Send us your game. To do this, fill out the form below.

We will study the project

We’ll look at the test results and the big picture of the metrics. We will highlight the key development vectors, develop a plan for finalizing the game, engage in analytics and improve performance.

Let's clarify the details

A personal manager will contact you and clarify all the details about the project. Then we will test your game using our team’s expertise to achieve the best metrics.

Let's launch successfully

We’ve got everything to make your game the next hit that will conquer all the charts. Let’s create a HIT together!

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